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Choosing a mobile development platform

Smart phones, they’re everywhere. They’re fueling the end of despotic regimes, tuning up your local experience, and shooting feature-length films. There’s a school of thought that says mobiles – smartphones and feature phones – are powerful tools to tackle barriers to human well-being as well. We’ve seen many amazing projects in this spirit come through IDEAS – SanaMobile is a remote medical diagnostic tool; AssuredLabor helps trustworthy workers connect with employers; Netra reduces the cost of diagnosing refractive eye conditions; and Konbit enables employable Haitians to create audio resumes.

But we’re getting a little ahead. Our question is about getting started in smartphone application development, so we want to put it to you, developers: how do you choose the platform and development environment to work in – Windows, Android, or iOS? What are the criteria you would use? (And be honest here: if its as simple as, “I learned Java in 4th grade and have stuck with it,” or, “A sponsor gave us 5 Windows phones,” then tell us that, too!).

“Call the question” is a new series we’re experimenting with, to get insights into how innovation for development and invention and entrepreneurship as public service happens – at MIT and elsewhere. We encourage questions from the specific (how do I choose my corporation type?) to the strategic (where should I pilot an innovative water desalinization technology?). Got a question you’d like to have answered?  Send an email to and we’ll consider posting it here. Either way, we’ll let you know.