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Global Challenge – We’re In UAT Testing

The team from Idea Couture is down this week and we’re running through a User Acceptance version of the site. This is a “pre-beta” opportunity to run some end-to-end testing of functionality and key features. Its exciting!

Overall the site is in great shape: the look and feel is there – the site is very breathable and has a “light” framework out of which I’m hoping user generated content – especially photographs – will really pop. And while its hard to know what the site is going to look like when its fully populated – pages and pages of problems, dozens of teams, and and frequent commenting for example – the overall experience is one of a robust competition engine that’s ready to rumble!

Stay tuned: we should be launching a beta signup page any day now…

Pepsi Refresh Everything

Visit the Pepsi Refresh Project

Visit the Pepsi Refresh Project

There are more opportunities than ever to leverage competitions as a vehicle for addressing community and world problems. Pepsi the soda manufacturer is the latest MNC to enter the fray with its Pepsi Refresh Project. I’ve spent some time perusing the site and have a few observations to offer:

  • Candy store simple. This is a good thing because it lowers the barriers to entry and to participation. Its bright blocks of color and simple icons keep the site visually familiar and lively, though it is somewhat lacking for personality. The icons for various entry categories don’t differentiate enough visually (eg two yellow-gold categories “Food & Shelter” and “Education.”
  • Tiered entry. One of the best things about this competition’s structure is that it levels the playing field between individual entrants and large-scale organizations. While both groups compete for substantially different award amounts ($5,000 to $250,000) there is nonetheless room at the table for all.

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