Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Whisper Campaign Goes Live

Nice to get this out today…


In 2011 the MIT Public Service Center, in association with MIT150 and the MIT Alumni Association, will launch the MIT Global Challenge. The MIT Global Challenge will connect and reward innovators inside and outside the MIT community who have solutions that address barriers to the well-being of people anywhere. Its a new competition platform to support invention as public service that draws on the unique problem-solving capacity of the world-wide MIT community.

Sign up at to receive an invitation for preview access when we launch the platform later this year. Questions? Find the Global Challenge on Twitter @mitchallenge.

IDEAS: Leveraged Freedom Chair

The Leveraged Freedom Chair at

The Leveraged Freedom Chair at

Congratulations to Amos Winter, MIT PhD candidate and developer of the Leveraged Freedom Chair, for an enthusiastic article in the Boston Globe today. The article chronicles the journey that led Amos to the LFC, its impact on end-users in Tanzania, and the details of its mechanics in accessible, punchy language. Super exciting!

Have a read at the Boston Globe.

Coming Out of UAT

After combing through more than 200 bugs, fixes, tweaks and enhancements identified by our very stellar User Acceptance testers the Idea Couture team has done an incredible job over the last 5 days in implementing the majority of these changes, almost all of which have contributed to a dramatic polishing up of the user experience. Amazing: thank you to everyone who contributed to this process, and special props to Lisa (IS&T) and Caroline (Idea Couture) for your diligent leadership in different aspects of this work.

So what are we walking away with? Here’s a quick run down of some top functionality that has been refined:

  • Fluid sign up process, with SSL certificates to verify the identity of student and faculty/staff registrants
  • Smooth team creation features that enable students to get to work quickly
  • A visually engaging UI that provides light instruction and guides learning
  • Easy to use “hooks” into social networks like Facebook and Twitter to share information
  • An intuitive marketplace that matches user time, talent and treasure to the needs of teams
  • Efficient messaging system to power system and user interaction
  • Crisp and utilitarian administration screens to manage the site and competitions

Can’t wait to launch our beta and put the site to work. Hang on to your hats!