Daily Archive for July 28th, 2010

The International Development Design Summit

Fort Collins, Colorado has been hosting the International Development Design Summit for the past few weeks. It’s a gathering of students and teachers, professors and pastors, economists and engineers, masons and mechanics, doctors, welders, farmers, and community organizers from around the world. Attendees come together to develop new technologies, build prototypes and work towards the realization of ideas. MIT is co-sponsoring the event and some of our own from the D-Lab can be found in Colorado. This year their focus has been on the dissemination of nine featured inventions.

Those nine ideas range from a pressurized, portable bamboo treatment system in Nepal, a water filter in India targeted towards women, a method for transforming Haitian agricultural waste into fuel, an affordable nipple shield to prevent HIV from spreading through a mother’s milk, a safer way to clean water with chlorine, a household water filter in Africa, irrigation technologies for smaller farms in Asia, a solar heating system in Brazil, and solar lights in the Himalayas. If you find yourself in Fort Collins this afternoon, the prototypes are open to the public.