Daily Archive for November 23rd, 2010

How to get started with IDEAS and Global Challenge.

There’s plenty of traffic happening over on the Global Challenge site. Here are a few key resources as you’re there:

If you’re a team, looking to enter IDEAS/Global Challenge, start here:

  1. Form a team.
  2. Submit an initial proposal and, if you need it, a development grant request. We like to say, submit early, submit often. Our team of staff is incredible at helping you think through opportunities, help as a feedback board for your proposal and connecting you with resources.
    Next submission is due December 5th.

If you’re looking to join a team, there are 13 help wanted ads that could use your skills. Teams are now recruiting! Looking for web developers, legal/IP advice, strong communicators, mentors, marketing and business skills, programmers, and more. Look for a team here.

There are 10 offers of help by people looking to be team members. Offers include, language translation, business help, mentoring, engineering, industrial design, strategy advising and more. Connect here and offer your skills here.

Perhaps you have a team, and you’re looking to find a community partner to work with and a gap to fill. We have two sponsored challenges this year: the Yunus Challenge focused on encouraging innovation in agricultural processes and the Monster Challenge, asking what information technologies can you create to connect migrant workers with needed resources? And there are six well-defined problem sets that could use teams with various skill sets — whether engineering, communications, teaching, and creativity.

While you’re there, check out the nine teams entered so far this year.