Daily Archive for April 6th, 2011

Community Vote opens

Hello and welcome to the official Global Challenge Blog! I’m Sneha Kannan and I’ll be posting a few words every couple days about IDEAS/GC, including interviews, my own thoughts, and commentary about the competition as it goes. To introduce myself: I’m a sophomore in Course 20 (to all you non-MITers, that’s biological engineering). Like everyone else involved with this competition, I’m passionate about International Development and actually was going to enter something in IDEAS this year, but it’s still in the works so keep your eyes open for an entry in April 2012!

So let me get right into it. Today is the first day that the IDEAS entries are open to the Community Vote. In case you’re not familiar with the format, there are two competitions, IDEAS and Global Challenge. There are a lot of details and dates, which I’ll do my best to summarize in the upcoming weeks, but let me get into what most people care about…the cash prizes and the competition itself. IDEAS gives up to 10 juried awards of $10K, $7.5K, or $5K; Global Challenge has a Community Vote component that awards up to 5 awards of $5K to the most popular teams and a juried component that has up to 7 awards at $10K each. Confused? Check out http://globalchallenge.mit.edu. The bottom line is that any one team can win in all three of these competitions for a total award total of $25K to implement their project in the next year!

While we don’t get to participate in the juried components (Kate and Lars and the rest of the IDEAS/GC team have spent months putting together a truly amazing panel of judges…stay tuned for little blurbs about all of them in a couple weeks!), we do get a say in which teams win the Community Vote. For most of these projects, $5K is enough to either start or drastically expand a product or idea. So between today and April 25th, get online, spend ten seconds clicking a few links, and cast up to 5 votes for teams that you support and visions you want to see become realities. The ultimate success of IDEAS/GC depends on people like you or me, who just want to make a difference.

Keep reading in the upcoming weeks for interviews, team profiles, judge profiles, and general news about how the Community Vote is going. If you have any people you would like profiled or any questions you want asked of the people I do interview, drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to post something ASAP. So, get ready and get excited; it’s going to be an amazing month!