Daily Archive for April 13th, 2011

Results from Week 1

Hello again! It’s been a week since the Community Vote opened and the participation we’ve seen is astounding! More than 8000 people have registered on the site and I’ve been told that it’s growing by the day and has almost doubled in the last week since the Community Vote opened. It looks like GC is a prime example of a site “going viral” (a bit of biology humor, I couldn’t resist). Over 6000 votes have been placed across 83 countries by these 8000 registered users. And though we don’t have statistics from last year, apparently difference in the participation has been astounding, more than I think the IDEAS/GC team could ever hope for. So if you’re one of the 8000 people who have registered, a huge thank you from the IDEAS/GC team and all of the competitors. If you’re one of the millions of people who have yet to register (shame on you), stop waiting! Go here and set up an account. Anyone can vote (you don’t have to be a part of MIT). Remember you have 5 votes that you can cast, with any one team getting at most one vote. So if you have a lot of friends who are competing, rest assured, you don’t have to play favorites. Remember, you have until April 25!

So onto this week’s standings! As a note, all of you can check out the current tallies at any point in time here. It looks like Indian Mobile Initiative is creating a lot of buzz. At first place with 538 votes, the support that this team has generated is astounding. I don’t remember the exact numbers but IMI has been adding about a hundred votes daily. Congrats to the team and keep up the good work! InnoBox took over second place today with 428 votes, just edging out the long-time second place of AQUA (427 votes…it’s a close one!). The fourth place is currently BodyNotes.org with 369 votes followed very closely by Low-cost Curriculum for the Blind with 367 votes. Clearly the teams are neck-to-neck right now. I won’t go through the other 38 teams on GC, but rest assured they’re all doing amazingly well and these next two weeks promise to be exciting ones. If your favorite team isn’t in the top 5, you can change that! Spread the word and use those powers of persuasion to get everyone you know to register and vote.

Personally, it’s incredible for me to see the interest and passion that the MIT community has for the projects coming out of IDEAS and GC. I haven’t had a chance to read through all of the 40-odd projects, but the ones I have read are amazing. My plan is to interview the top couple teams each week. If you’re reading this and are on a team, a word of advice from a lot of my IDEAS-competitor friends: if you want to get votes, get on Facebook, get on gchat, get on Twitter and actively pester your friends and family. It’s difficult to get hundreds of votes despite our general ability to make hundreds of Facebook friends. Personal requests and emails tend to be more effective than mass emails and messages. The vote-garnering process takes a lot of time, but if it gets you in the top 5, it’ll be worth it! Best of luck to all the teams!