Daily Archive for May 2nd, 2011

Interview with Dr. Akhtar Badshah

A while ago I had the honor of talking with the keynote for IDEAS, the Senior Director of Global Community Affairs at Microsoft, and an incredible person: Dr. Badshah. Below is a (long-ish) excerpt from my talk with him. Enjoy!

Q:For some background for our readers, as the Senior Director of Global Community Affairs at Microsoft, what do you do?

A:I wear multiple hats. My job is to manage Microsoft Corporate Philanthropy. We have 4 areas. The first is bringing Information Technology to the underserved community through IT training so that they can use the technology for economic empowerment. The second, we use technology with non-profit organizations to help them build their capacity, increase their performance, and create innovation through the use of technology. The third, I work with our employees and our employee and volunteer matching program to encourage our employees to be able to donate their time, their talent, and their pleasure in support of community-related activities. And then we have a program here, in the Washington [where Microsoft is based], which is focused on science/technology/engineering/math to get middle school students or high school students to get much more interested in science/technology/engineering/math out of here. And the larger investment that we would make in our home city, around all sorts of philanthropic needs that go beyond the program that I’ve described, focuses on our social services to the underserved community that focus on a number of difficult matters in our home town.

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