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Practical Energy Network in Ghana!

Hello from Ghana!

Akwaaba to the first PEN blog post!

On behalf of the Practical Energy Network , three of our team members are currently in Ghana, making first steps towards implementing our idea: developing a network of extracurricular high school clubs for students to learn how to build energy devices. The focus is engineering training that presents fundamental science concepts, in a hands-on manner, equipping students with the tools and confidence to design and build their own devices that are most practical for them. You can think of it as enabling students to become  William Kawkwambas, but with an understanding of the underlying science so they don’t get shocked in the process :)

We aim to have a solid set of lessons written and a first PEN club up and running in the first year. We were fortunate enough to be one of the IDEAS/Global Challenge competition winners, so we have some seed funding to help us achieve this.

Our goals here in Ghana are to 1) test some of the first lessons we’ve written 2) network with people who are interested in our project.

For the past two weeks, Anna, Maddie and Albie (Anna’s brother- honorary PEN member) were at the Takoradi Technical Institute’s Fab Lab, testing out a few of our lessons: biomass charcoal (combustion), hand crank generator (gears), and more.

More posts to come shortly!

Biomass Charcoal Lesson

Biomass Charcoal Lesson

Note: This post was written a few days ago, but internet connection has been intermittent. Sorry that it’s slightly behind!