Daily Archive for August 17th, 2011

Energy! In the air and out of our devices

Maddie and Anna are veterans at traveling in Ghana, but this is my first time in Africa so I’m experiencing a lot of new things all at once.  It’s incredibly exciting to be here! The energy in the air is palpable. I think Albie said it best that the first couple days are spent with your head out of the window (of the tro-tro you’re riding in, of course), mouth open, trying to soak it all in. What a lively place- activity all through the streets, loud conversations between people on the sidewalks and with the strangers in the car next to you. The people are so friendly and happy, I can’t help but smile back.

After Maker Faire ended, we packed the laser cutter back up into the tro-tro and I headed to Takoradi with the Fab Lab crew, while Anna, Maddie, and Albie headed to the airport. The girls had to hurry over to Peru to attend the Fab7 Conference, which will be another great place to spread the word about PEN and meet potential PEN club teachers for the future

I’m testing out some more of our lesson material with the Fab Lab students (who are fantastic). It’s a nice setting to test these things out because the Fab Lab has lots of equipment that the students are well trained on already.

Besides the chance to build and improve PEN’s curriculum, I’m quite excited for my own opportunity to grow as a teacher. This will be my first time in a Fab Lab, and I’m looking forward to building stuff with these crazy kids.