S.E.VEN Fund Essay Contest: New Models of Development

The S.E.VEN Fund has just announced a call for student essays that respond to the following ‘question:’

The SEVEN Fund is looking for models at the national, regional, or city levels, where communities and leaders have decided to stimulate human and economic development through a “heretical mix” of business strategy, local wisdom, and mutual benefit.

Essay writers are asked to review the article, “Rwanda Rising: A New Model of Development”, and in a similar fashion, tell the story of enterprise solutions to poverty in other places, to highlight where these models are taking root and flourishing around the world.

This is a wonderful opportunity for IDEAS winners to take a step back from your work and consider the implications of your work from the 10,000 foot level. What are the core values and principles of your work? What is the impact if it scales successfully? What development “orthodoxies” does it challenge?

Perhaps by responding to these and other dynamics, you’ll have a good shot at the $10,000 prize. More information at the S.E.VEN Fund website.

Good luck!

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