Its Time…

To get involved. In addition to helping the MIT Global Challenge meet our financial goals for 2011 and beyond, MIT alumni play an important role in helping advance invention as public service by:

  • Networking. Connect us with local actors that have a bead on barriers to human well-being; we’d like to invite them to identify and define design challenges to put to students. Time commitment: 2-5hrs/mo.
  • Mentoring. Help teams prepare outstanding project proposals that define the innovation, feasibility, and impact of their ideas. Whether or not they win, they may require ongoing support to implement their ideas. Time commitment: 5-10hrs/mo.
  • Reviewing. Successful proposal development for the Global Challenge is seen as an iterative process. Volunteer reviewers read project proposals and provide written and verbal feedback to teams. Time commitment: 10-15hrs/mo.
  • Judging. Final proposals are reviewed by multidisciplinary teams with some area expertise in fields ranging from agricultural processing to mobile devices, disaster and relief to energy and the environment. Time commitment: 20-30hrs, April 15-April 26.

To get a sneak peak at the kinds of projects you’ll be supporting when you get involved in the MIT Global Challenge, visit our beta – scheduled to launch later this year.

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