Connecting NGOs Looking for Employees with Haitians Looking for Employment

Earlier this year, in response to the earthquake in Haiti, the MIT Media Lab hosted a class to encourage and elicit MIT response and help for disaster relief. Out of that class, came Konbit, created by Aaron Zinman and Greg Elliott. Konbit was designed to index the skills of Haitians, whether literate or illiterate, and translate them to be searchable by NGOs recruiting employees.

After months of testing and organizing, Konbit has launched!

If you have a friends and family in Haiti, ask they to dial 5656 to use the system for free.

If you speak Haitian Creole and would like to help, Konbit could use your help transcribing and translating. You can help here:

Here’s Aaron and Greg speaking about the origins of Konbit and the need it serves:

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