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What’s in a pitch?

One of the ways IDEAS and the Global Challenge staff and volunteers work closely with students is to help them develop their project proposals from nascent ideas to polished presentations that stand on their own. An important piece of followup work is to translate dense and detailed proposals into digestible and engaging pitches.

Our question for Challengers this week is, what exactly makes a good pitch? Walk us through your basic qualities of good pitch writing and delivery, soup to nuts. We’ll use your input in our Pitch Kitchen series where, in partnership with other resources across MIT, we offer students a forum to polish their pitches against the buffing surfaces of wizened professionals.

“Call the question” is a new series we’re experimenting with, to get insights into how innovation for development and invention and entrepreneurship as public service happens – at MIT and elsewhere. We encourage questions from the specific (how do I choose my corporation type?) to the strategic (where should I pilot an innovative water desalinization technology?). Got a question you’d like to have answered?  Send an email to question@mit.edu and we’ll consider posting it here. Either way, we’ll let you know.