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Social Media “Customer Chasm”

I found a recent article on MPDailyFix about the gap that can yawn when two PR/Marketing/Outreach units aren’t coordinating their efforts. In other words, when there is an imbalance between “new tools” of customer interaction and “old modes” at play, and they have different standards. The concern? Whether one group of “customers” is inadvertently receiving a better, more satisfactory level of service than the other.

The author, Jason Baer puts it this way: “If the way you treat your customers within the social media sphere is inherently different than how you treat them elsewhere, you’re playing with fire.”

This insight is helpful as we think about translating the IDEAS Competition online as the Global Challenge. The IDEAS Competition is a well-defined, structured experience for students that offers a very high level of support to students in developing their proposals. We’ll need to ensure that the Global Challenge is able match the high standard that IDEAS has set in meeting entrants’ needs.

Read the full article by Jason Baer here.